Medicinal Uses

Buchu: one of our most famous exports


Agathosma betulina / crenulata

Rutaceae (Citrus Family)

An amazing volatile oil -rich plant, endemic to the Western Cape, that is a fantastic medicine for digestive and urinary disturbances. 
If taken as a tea or tincture (Buchu Brandy is and old Cape remedy), it helps to enliven sluggish, underperforming digestive tracts. It is great for bloating, gassiness and fermentation in the gut, it wakes up and stimulates (like many other members of the Citrus family) digestive functions. Buchu may also be useful in some respiratory problems, and is a urinary antiseptic – helpful in certain types of cystitis and other urinary infections, even prostatitis, urethritis and others.  I have a suspicion that, in a similar way to Hypericum, the oil-gland-rich leaves of this plant can be used to ‘let the light back in” to someone’s life, particularly if they are sluggish and depressed. Just hold the leaf up to the light and see the signature.
If you live in the Western Cape, grow some of your own! 
will give you some more information on this famous old Cape botanical medicine

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