Agapanthus: medicine and beauty
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Agapanthus: medicine and beauty

Agapanthus africanus (L.) Hoffmanns (Syn. Agapanthus umbellatus) Agapanthaceae / Amaryllidaceae Common Names Blue Lily, African Lily, Lily of the Nile; bloulelie / haaklelie (Afr), isicakathi (Xhosa), leta-la-phofu (Sotho), ubani (-oluncane) / uhlakahla (Zulu). Name Meanings Bloulelie = blue lily; haak = to catch / hook; isicakathi = antenatal / postnatal medicine; leta-la-phofu = saliva of … Continue reading

Plant Nature

An Amazing Article on Plant Intelligence

“The “sessile life style,” as plant biologists term it, calls for an extensive and nuanced understanding of one’s immediate environment, since the plant has to find everything it needs, and has to defend itself, while remaining fixed in place. A highly developed sensory apparatus is required to locate food and identify threats. Plants have evolved … Continue reading