About The Fynbos Physician

This site is a chronicle of one man’s journey with plants. I am actively immersed in plants. Thinking, seeing, smelling, feeling, tasting, experiencing, proving, making, using, prescribing, giving, connecting. I wanted a place to record my experiences and share them and hope that others will be stimulated by my experiments and experiences and that this grows to be a place where myself and others can help to develop and refine our knowledge of our wonderful indigenous South African flora.

Our indigenous plants are perfectly suited to our local conditions and therefore perfectly suited to the health problems of the people that live here. Local, sustainable, low-carbon and ‘green’ in every sense of the word! The Fynbos Physician is an attempt to refine and extend (and often rediscover) the knowledge of our local native plants and their medicinal, culinary and aromatic uses and also simply to engage with and be with the fellow green inhabitants of our world. They were, after all, here a very long time before us and will, in all probability, be here long after us.

We need to get the balance right.

We need to listen.

Plants DO speak …

(through us…)

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