Doctrine of Signatures / Medicinal Uses

Polygala myrtifolia

polygala myrtifolia


Polygala myrtifolia

myrtle-leaved muchmilk

September bush (Eng.); Augustusbossie, blouertjie, langelede (Afr.)

Polygalaceae – the milkwort family

This beautiful pink butterfly-flowered plant opens the senses and causes awareness of the physical body. It goes to the hands, wrists and feet and to the metacarpophalangeal joints of the great toes, in particular.

It has potential as a female medicine, bringing life to the female parts by enhancing blood flow and sensitivity. It may enhance fertility.

The floral essence of a close relative Seneca snakeroot is thought to stimulate old memories; and also to reduce quarrelling and showing off. (see here)   Interesting when the Afrikaans name for P.myrtifolia is ‘langelede’ which means ‘long ago‘ – a possible Polygala genus theme?

Taste: stem bark: acrid, medicinal, salicyclate, bitter, soapy, moist – increases salivation

Smell: stem bark: fresh, medicinal, antiseptic, salicylate, wintergreen.

Possible Applications: gout, arthritis, anti-inflammatory; dyspareunia, vaginal dryness, lack of sensitivity.

more experimentation to follow…


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